Warm and Safe

For the time being, I direct you to my photo blog "Warm and Safe." Posts are fairly regular there. Thanks for being my friend!



Apologies for once again being silent. I'm moving to Los Angeles in a few weeks, so work and mental insanity have been taking precedence over things like blogging.

But I'm excited to tell you that the last video I've done for WIN-Initiative is done and up! Enjoy.


Christian Witkin bio

Back in the summertime, I did a video for friend and photographer Christian Witkin that was something of a bio piece to highlight his background and his intent as he enters the motion video/film world. I shot, edited, and composed the score for the video over several months, and I'm very happy and grateful to note that the video is on his agency's website!

I cannot embed it, but you can watch the short video by clicking here.


Construction continues

The foreman of my blog's construction crew informed me that there are some structural problems that need dealing with. So a couple guys came out today to make the text viewing area smaller, in an effort to optimize construction space in the surrounding area.

Let me know if this is looking better for you folks with smaller monitors.


Back in the fall, I shot a spot for my friend's new clothing line, Digz. I'm very excited to say the teaser (which I edited as well) is now viewable online at their website!

Tu Habitación Helada

Back in November I went to Puerto Rico to shoot a music video for a band called "Nota" with Spanish photographer Ruben Martín. Ruben and I immediately took to each other, and he called me not too long after to work on another video. This time, it was for Spain's Ana Toroja. I was the SteadiCam operator for the entirety of the shoot, and I'm really excited to have been able to contribute. Embedding isn't allowed, so click here to watch it on YouTube (Sorry, no HD yet!)


The Crew Arrives

So it looks like the construction crew is making their first move since they went on vacation! A couple guys showed up this morning with some adorable little blueprints to survey the land here at the blog.

Hopefully they'll be showing up with the rest of the crew soon...

About WIN - Complete!

As I mentioned last time, the WIN video I've been toiling over for weeks is finally done. I'm very excited to share it with you:

WIN-Initiative from WIN Initiative on Vimeo.



My silence over the last week or two has been no accident. You may recall my post not too long ago about the 10 BEST 10 video I made for WIN-Initiative, a young and hip stock photo company here in New York City. Since that video, I have been working pretty tirelessly (the past few days in particular) to complete a video for them that outlines what the entire company is all about. I finished it quite late last night, and I'm just waiting until it goes through all the proper conduits before sharing it with you. I'm very excited to share it, because I learned one or two new skills to make it, including doing some animation in Photoshop!

But I can't share it with you yet. So I'll share this instead. When I made the 10B10 video that I showed you, I also made a second one with a completely different concept. Going for the more sleek and commercial look, I put together this second spot. The music and editing are me, the images belong to past 10B10 winners.


10 BEST 10 2011 Trailer from WIN Initiative on Vimeo.


When a Scarf is more than just a Scarf

So on Sunday, it turns out my (unintentional) pick was right. Hurrah for people!

I know that my friend Lauren, for one, was very excited by the victory, but no doubt by now that excitement is wearing down. So I wanted to give her a chance to gloat and celebrate just a little bit longer.

Not long ago, Lauren sent me the coolest scarf ever, which she knit herself. A night or two later, testing a new lighting setup, I was wearing the scarf. What started as purely a test evolved into a photo shoot when I discovered that the scarf doubles as a gigantic mouth. Hilarity ensued. My two favorites:

(Sorry they're not larger. I'm working on hosting the images from my own domain)



I know with today's background change it might seem like I've picked a side.

I promise, I haven't.


It's Super Bowl Sunday. I will be diligently working at home on a project I'm doing for WIN Initiative, a startup alternative stock photography company based out of SoHo, here in New York. In honor of National Advertising Day, though, I wanted to share an ad of sorts that I did for WIN a few weeks back. The video is for their annual 10 Best 10 competition. Since this year they decided to partner with Hipstamatic and are allowing people to submit lo-fi/lo-res imagery, I decided to appeal to the deity of lo-res, the 8-bit platform. And voila! Turn your speakers down a notch or two and enjoy:

(the video is available in up to full 1080p resolution at youtube!)


Under Construction

In honor of the construction of my new blog, I've hired a top-notch construction crew to work on the background. It's going to take a long time, I'm told, but it'll be worth it. But rather than hide it from you, I wanted you to be able to watch the construction unfold. So over the coming weeks, maybe months, you'll see guys in and out of here with hard hats, tools, trucks, all kinds of random stuff. I've seen the final blueprint, and it's going to be fantastic!

But for now, it's just an empty field. Alas.

We're live.

Changes coming slowly but steadily. You will notice now that you're currently at! I'm very excited about this. Some more layout changes are coming as my dream blog becomes a reality.

So, you know, come back soon.


Some changes

The blog is going to be finding a new home soon. It may be with Blogger, and it may not. No matter who is hosting it though, you will soon be able to find it within my own website! You can visit and click on the "blog" link, or you can simply go to ! Changes are still underway, and in the meantime you will perhaps notice formatting changes. Just bear with me as I work to bring the blog up to speed for 2011.

As always, thanks for reading.


Website update!

Slowly digging into all the material I've shot over the last month, picking favorites, and doing touch-ups. Today I uploaded two new photos to a headshot from the Ithaca shoot, and a commercial image I shot for CultureFix, where my most recent group show was. Enjoy!


An Art Show! Pt II

Last night's opening was fun! Tons of live music, a decent showing, tons of great artwork, and free bottomless hibiscus iced tea! My camera died so I only managed to get off a few snaps. Going back today for a while, so I'll try to get some better ones for you. In the meantime:

My name in bright lights. Or, at least, very nicely done handwriting.

That's my work at the top right!


An Art Show!

Very excited to tell you that I will be participating in another group art show being curated by Lia Woertendyke, who got me my first show not too long ago down at the South Street Seaport. Whether you made it to the last show or not, hope all you New Yorkers can come to this one!

I will be showing/selling three long-exposure night photographs (16x24) and two abstract photographs (24x36).

The show is at 9 Clinton St. It will open Friday July 9th at 7pm and last until Sunday July 11th at 10pm., opening on both Saturday and Sunday at noon. There will be varying talks, performances, and events within the market. Should be an all-around good time!