Old Navy Performance Fleece

I am staring at my first post and realizing what an impulse purchase this blog was. Well, it really wasn't. The truth is that I really want to start a t-shirt company called Dead Chinchilla and I was going to use this blog to advertise new photos and drawings to put on t-shirts, in an effort to get a response from people to see what they like.

And I think I may still do that.

In the meantime though, I looked at some photos by Evan and I found them to be really quite good. Looking at the photos gave me a sense of a silent calm... not a happy one, per se... but a real sense of settling, perhaps with a slight hint of melancholy, but settling nonetheless. Looking at them really made me feel as though all sound around me had vanished... Which leads me to my next two points:

1. I have now begun placing important links in my sidebar. These links include TheJetPlus! (Jordan and Chase's blog for which I do the occasional piece), Preshrunk (which I hope to get one of my t-shirt designs onto one day), online photo albums of mine, and the Evan photo album discussed above
2. This website, I think, I will dedicate to all of my photographic endeavors. I don't know if I'll be using blogger to host the photos, or if I'll simply discuss my new work and then link to it on a Kodak gallery. I haven't decided yet.

Also, you will notice that you are reading this. That is because The Dead Chinchilla has finally gone public. So congratulations on being one of the first on the Internet to read it. I am thoroughly humbled and embarassed.

I encourage you to post comments often if you feel so inclined. It is likely that this will NOT be an online journal in the sense of an aimless concoction of words in an attempt to share my discontent and disillusionment with you, an equally discontent and disillusioned human being who is more likely than not appalled by others' displays of such feelings in unconstructive ways, such as online journals.

Or maybe you're not.

As my photographs begin to weave themselves into the fabric of my emotional life, however, you may begin to see such discourse. Should it offend you, my apologies. Should it entertain you, great. Feel free, either way, to comment on the blog.

I would, in closing, like to say that it is my hope that I will find the internet to be an enjoyable and suitable place to display my photography... it would please me to find your photography elsewhere on the internet, and I would love to link to your work here so that others can see it. Perhaps we can manage to create a web of photographic reference and, ultimately, find a niche of celebrity in an arena as peculiar as this one.

I leave you with a photograph.