"It all begins with a Smile"

I'm walking down the hallway, and this girl catches me right in the eyes. She's got a couple pimples on her face, and she's got short brunette hair. She's not gorgeous, but she is pretty. I look back at her eyes for just a fraction of a second too long, and a smirk grows on my face. It is more a greeting, acknowledging that I got caught looking at her. And then, something weird happens.

She starts to smile.

This may not seem like a big deal, and maybe it's not. But I think that these moments don't happen as often as they should. People don't like catching eyes... it makes them uncomfortable. But I try to make eyes with anyone I feel like. And she gets it. And she starts to smile... a self-conscious and uncertain smile, but a smile nonetheless. And that's when this smirk on my face, which is usually kind of empty and more of a gesture than an emotion, starts curving around the edges. It starts to mean something.

And she gets it. Her smile starts hooking at the corners, and all of a sudden it's this big smile, this smile that means something.

A smile shared between two strangers. This is, I think, the most genuine moment that exists on the planet. Because there is no pretext, no preTENSE, no expectation. There is absolutely nothing surrounding this moment. And it is for that reason that this moment is the most important moment that can exist in the world between two people.

I hope I never see her again.