Dear Luke

today was a curious day. in the morning, i awoke in LA and began reading 2012. I thought it interesting that the big shift happens on the winter solstice, dec. 21 2012. my birthday is the following day (often my birthday is considered the average solstice because the date hovers around there). also, i found that his description of saturn's return every 28.6 years to the position of one's birth interesting, as it will be my 28th birthday that the shift happens.

Quetzlcoatl followed me around all day today after that. at the Griffiths Observatory, i saw the sculpture of james dean's head. the plaque below bore an inscription of a poem from the legend of Quetzelcoatl, a shocking coincidence. then this evening, i was told by my friend bill that the production company that rachel goldenberg and others have done work for here just finished shooting their take-off of the up-coming Michael Bay picture, which is based on 2012. did you know this was happening? you must have. you must be tearing your hair out, that one of the worst filmmakers of our great nation has taken it upon himself to capture one of the most important issues for you (not to mention the thing about which you are intending to make a movie!!). i know what that's like. they've just finished shooting the adaptation of the ONE BOOK i've ever wanted to adapt into a film. it's starring, among others, danny glover and julianne moore. lame.

anyway, thought that i'd let you know about all the Q-coat jazz happening to me today. enjoy asia.