Dear Sherryl

When I left Johann's Hondura yesterday, I had a smile plastered to my face. You made my wait in Oklahoma City not just bearable, but enjoyable. Your friendliness was a welcome relief to my lonely drive, and I was eager to follow your instructions on my way to and in Albuquerque.

I had an early dinner in Amarillo at "The Big Texan." The service was friendly, the atmosphere nice, and the food delicious. I walked out just as the sun was setting on northern Texas, and I found myself bewildered by where I found myself both physically and metaphysically. I got in the car and drove out of town as all the lights were coming on and the sun absconding.

I pushed on through the darkness and out of the southern hospitality, into the deserts of New Mexico. As I came through the hills, Albaquerque sprawled out elegantly before me. I pulled off just as I got into town and stayed at the Econolodge. My lodging was compact and comfortable. The map indicated I was on the east side, but I was nervous after your warnings of avoiding the gangs of the south side, so, I took everything out of my car that was of any real worth to me and kept it in my room all night with me.

When I woke, consciousness came with ease and I could see sunlight peering around the blinds.

I opened the front door, and I was in the Midwest.

Sam Friedman

PS - If you see that pretty young lady who was also in the waiting room again, tell her I said to make sure she visits Tokyo. She won't regret it.