Fun with Strobes

Today my cousin Jared came over for a quick lesson on lighting, and how to use a strobe kit. So we had some fun playing around with my new Dyna-Lites, and I let him play around and experiment on his own. Here are a few of the ones he took of me (pardon the bad hair day):

Then I came up to bat and frankly, he did a much better job than I did this time out. Here are a couple I snapped that weren't bad, though:

If you're seeing spots, it's not your imagination. There really are black dots all over those photos. Why, you may ask? Well, when you shoot with strobes, you stop down your aperture a great deal. What this means is that there's a lot more in focus than might usually be. So those spots are actually mini specs of dirt, pollen, and other debris on the censor of my camera!! That thing really needs a cleaning, boy...