Photo Show!

Well, the opening was great! We got a pretty sizeable crowd (early in the night, all 150 programs were alreayd gone!), and the art was all great. It was quite exciting to have my first show. I wanted to make sure I looked sharp! Well, it turns out that if you're at the space until a half hour beforehand cleaning up, then you go home to shower and get dressed up, you're going to be late.

But, no matter! People were very curious about my photos, reading the binder of information and taking photos. I went back yesterday and snapped a few myself to show you! Check it out:

The photos were all taken on a single roll of expired 35mm Kodachrome during a road-trip I took last summer from Portland to Los Angeles. I wired fluorescent fixtures on the inset wall, then installed flatheaded nails in a grid pattern, into which I squeezed 4x6 prints from the slides. On the ledge was a binder divided into three sections: 1) an introduction by me, 2) several documents outlining various data concerning Kodachrome, and 3) a section of correspondences with many of the people from the photos, all from that month-long trip period.

The show will be up until next Thursday, so if you're in the New York City area, come check it out! It's at 210 Front St., at the South Street Seaport in Manhattan.