Wow the Business (Or: Wow, the busy-ness!)

Been a number of days since last I wrote. My apologies! I've had my hands quite full with a number of different projects that I'm very excited about.

First off, I EDITED and SCORED my friend Cai Hall's Director's Reel! You can view that here on her website.

On top of that, I edited and scored the Teaser Trailer for a web sitcom that she directed, entitled "Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn." That will be up shortly. In the meantime, Nick Blake (the writer and producer) is featuring one of the photos I shot of the cast on his website, and I suspect that the trailer will be up there soon enough.

ALSO, I've done a number of portraits that I'm excited about, and there are more on the way. I have three shoots coming up at the end of the week!

First, headshots I did for the lead actress of my feature film (which is currently in the editing phase, with minor reshoots in August). Two of my favorites, which also ended up on my professional site:

Also did a great shoot for my friend, musician Tatiana Kochkareva. Here is a personal favorite:

Going away Monday for about a week to help my friend Jon move to Seattle... hoping to take a lot of pictures while I'm gone.