My silence over the last week or two has been no accident. You may recall my post not too long ago about the 10 BEST 10 video I made for WIN-Initiative, a young and hip stock photo company here in New York City. Since that video, I have been working pretty tirelessly (the past few days in particular) to complete a video for them that outlines what the entire company is all about. I finished it quite late last night, and I'm just waiting until it goes through all the proper conduits before sharing it with you. I'm very excited to share it, because I learned one or two new skills to make it, including doing some animation in Photoshop!

But I can't share it with you yet. So I'll share this instead. When I made the 10B10 video that I showed you, I also made a second one with a completely different concept. Going for the more sleek and commercial look, I put together this second spot. The music and editing are me, the images belong to past 10B10 winners.


10 BEST 10 2011 Trailer from WIN Initiative on Vimeo.